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Here are some of our members past and present
The Squire - is in charge when the side dances out
The Foreman - teaches new dances during the practice season
The Bagperson - looks after enquiries, bookings and accounts (finances)
The Dancers - are responsible for having a good time !
The Musicians - keep us all in time
The Ragman - keeps the chattels of the side
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Member NameRoleContact Info
Member NameRoleContact Info
Bob Spooner Squire and Musician  
Cathy Spooner Musician and Dancer  
Chris Bell Dancer and Ragman  
Chris Hamblin  Friend of the side  
Dave Chislett Dancer  
Dave Gibson Foreman  
David Harrison Friend of the side  
Georgina Browne Musician (Fiddle) and Dancer  
Jane Courtier  Dancer   
Janet Crookes  Dancer   
Jenny Bennet Musician  
Mandy Taylor Dancer  
Michael Devenport Musician  
Neil Bennett Dancer  
Penny Baron Bagperson - Bookings & Enquiries  01628 531958 email: 
Peter Jennings Musician and Dancer  
Ute Huebner-Otun Dancer and Bagperson - Accounts  
Showing 17 items