Booking Us

Performing at Public Events

Ellington are pleased to be asked to perform in public, particularly in the Maidenhead area, and we especially like to be involved in events connected with the local community - fetes, shows, garden parties, charitable events etc.

Our performances usually consist of a few short "spots" of fifteen or twenty minutes, totalling about one hour's dancing, but this is of course flexible according to your requirements. We find that informality works best, and because of the importance of close audience contact, shows in a large arena are less satisfactory.

A fee applies for appearance at commercially-run events but if your event has a local or charitable nature we which we specifically wish to support, we may offer a discount from our normal fee.

Private Events

Ellington will perform at private events for example, corporate entertaining or a family wedding or celebration for which a performance fee applies.

To Book Ellington Morris

Please contact us for details of our availability and costs. Because we compile our programme in the early spring, please try to book us at the start of the year if possible